JoyFood products are suitable for all age groups and are especially beneficial to individuals who are:

1. looking for healthier, high protein snacks

2. diabetes

3. having swallowing/ chewing difficulties

4. having digestion issues/ gastric reflux

5. losing weight or malnourished

6. vegans or vegetarians


Ingredients (High protein):

Mung bean- Water, split mung bean, sugar, oil, rice flour, natural thickening agent, Pea protein isolate, salt, beetroot powder


Nutritional Facts (Serving size: 2 pieces):

Mung bean- 124kcal, 17g carbohydrate, 5g protein, 4.6g fats


JoyFood Ang Ku Kueh (Mung Bean)- 6 pieces

270 Grams
  • JoyFood products are blast-frozen and vacuum-packed for longer shelf life.
    No preservative, no colouring, only natural ingredients.