Aged Care Nutrition Services

At Beyond Food, we recognize that meals are an enjoyable and social part of the day for residents/ clients in an aged care facility. With experience and background consulting to aged care facilities such as elderly day care centre, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, and dementia centre, we work closely with the food preparation team to achieve menus that are nutritious, varied, appetising and dignifying. We take into consideration the specific dietary and cultural needs of individual clients who may require a higher level of attention to their nutritional needs.


Our menu plans and dietary advice take into account current research and best practice and follow the international guidelines (IDDSI) on texture-modified food. We believe that menus should be as cost-efficient as practical without compromising the quality of meals and benefit those living in an aged care home. We believe that meals provided for elderly clients should not be over-restrictive. 

Besides providing dietetics consultation to aged care facilities, we also provide personalised and customised consultation services to individual. Clients can choose to have sessions at our office, via telecommunication or opt for home visits for those who has mobility challenges. Refer below to find out our packages!

Types of Services
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