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Food and Nutrition Consultation

Let our certified dieticians from Malaysia walk you through achieving your diet and lifestyle goals based on a science-based approach professionally. We aim to achieve sustainable change for our clients and provide nutrition support to our clients to manage their medical conditions, either short-term or long-term.

We provide support to these
medical conditions and other diet-related diseases

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Poorly-controlled Diabetes

- Type 1, Type 2, Gestational.

- Explanation of diet-disease link. 

- Carbohydrate counting.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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- Understanding your own gout attack.

- Individualised management.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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Cardiovascular Diseases (Heart Problems)

- Post heart attack management.

- Irregular heart beat.

Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.


Gastrointestinal issues (E.g.  IBS, Gastric Reflux)

- Rule out the potential food that trigger the symptoms.

- Tips and ways to eat to ease the symptoms.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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High Cholesterol and 

High Blood Pressure

- Explanation of diet-disease link.

- How to manage and what are the food to take note.

- Other factors that can affect the condition.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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(Pre or Post Treatment)

- Ensure adequate nutrient intake.

- Make every mouthful count.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle (in consideration of poor appetite, bad side effects).

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Kidney Diseases


- Dialysis and non-dialysis.

- Nutrients intake to manage conditions.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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- To manage weight loss or weight gain.

- The main calorie contributor.

- Aim for sustainable lifestyle changes.

- Customised meal plan according to individual's lifestyle.

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Other Diet-related diseases

- Liver diseases.

- Osteoporosis.

- Malnourished.

Our Packages and Pricing

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Basic Package

2 options

a. Physical

b. Tele-consultation


- 3 dietitian consultation sessions

- Monthly Monitoring

- 2 customised meal plan

- Within 6 months

Advance Package

Home Visits within Klang Valley


- Up to 3 consultation sessions

- Frequent monitoring

- Feeding regime/ meal plan will be provided accordingly

- Within 6 months

- Include transport



  • How do I book an appointment?
    You may call or Whatsapp us at 01134140408 for a free 30 minutes initial consultation. Once the dietitian understands your nutrition-related concerns, she will schedule an appointment with you. You can choose to meet via tele-consultation or physical appointment at Beyond Food office. Although, we highly recommend physical appointments for better communication.
  • What should I expect during my initial consultation?
    Prior to your first consultation, bring along your recent medical report (if you have), so that our dietitian can understand your medical condition (if any) better. Initial consultations generally include: Initial assessment of your physical, nutritional, and lifestyle. The Diet history of the clients will be collected as well. Calculation of individual’s nutritional requirements (calorie intake, protein intake, fluid intake, etc) Explanation of diet-disease link or how diet can help in achieving the nutritional goals. Find out the gaps and provide individualized advice to clients accordingly. To get clients to set up nutritional goals. Provide a meal plan that suits the individual’s lifestyle. Set up the next appointment for review.
  • Should I only look for dietitian professionals to lose weight?
    Dietitians mainly help clients to manage their medical conditions by conducting medical nutrition therapy (MNT). Our approach to weight management is based on the balance of calorie intake and energy output- aiming for sustainable changes. Examples of diet-related medical conditions include: Heart health Gastrointestinal health Osteoporosis (management and prevention) Under-nutrition (malnourished or underweight) Cancer Diabetes Healthy eating Fussy eating Food allergies Kidney problems and more. Looking to change your diet? We provide customised nutrition consulting services here!
  • What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
    Dietitians are certified professionals who work with healthy and patients with medical conditions while nutritionists are limited to healthy individuals only.
  • Can I use your services if I live out of Malaysia?
    Yes, you can. We cater our services worldwide, we provide an option of Tele-consultation using Zoom.
  • How long should I take between follow up consultations?
    Our services package includes 3 sessions within a 3-month period. We generally recommend having follow-up appointments once a month, although our dietitians also provide some level of telephone or e-mail support between sessions to monitor the client’s progress.

"I like that the meal plan is crafted based on what I usually eat or like to eat. And it clearly sets out the amount of each serving.


It’s also great that advice is always one WhatsApp away and there’s a check-in session every couple of months.


I can’t think of any downsides. It’s been a smooth-sailing service from you for me."

Christina, 26 years old.


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