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Food & Nutrition Consultancy

Specialising in Eldercare Nutrition and Post Surgery Recovery

Nutrition and Dietetics Services based in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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At Beyond Food, we specialize in aged-care related dietetics services. Our certified dietitians offer a comprehensive range of nutrition services tailored to the unique needs of older adults. From nutrition management and online consulting to personalized meal plans, we provide holistic support for seniors.

Whether you are seeking guidance for yourself, your organisation, or a loved one in an aged-care setting, our expertise in aged-care related dietetics allows us to offer specialized services that address the specific challenges and nutritional needs of this population.

Read here for more information about the services we provide.

Our Services

Aged Care Nutrition

  • Redefine and enhance the food culture within eldercare facilities

  • Expert consultation services to food services in the aged care industry

  • Provide convenient house calls or home visits for clients who are bed-bound or face mobility challenges

"Elevate your golden years; Unlock vitality with tailored nutrition for seniors"

Food and Nutrition Consultation

  • Chronic disease management for individuals

  • Health and nutrition support for families

  • Corporate wellness programs

  • Menu endorsement services for restaurants and catering companies

"Elevate Your Lifestyle: Optimize Your Nutrition with a Personal Dietitian" "

Education /
Nutrition Workshop

  • Delivery of customized nutrition education sessions

  • Professional healthcare training for caregivers and nursing professionals

  • Expert guidance on implementing dietary guidelines in institutional settings

"Equipping your team with nutrition knowledge: Expert dietitian workshops"

JoyFood Products
(Blended-moulded Food)

  • Creation of specialized food products tailored to individuals with swallowing and chewing difficulties

  • Meal planning services for individuals with dysphagia or chewing challenges

"Savour the joy of eating: Swallowing-friendly foods for your comfort"


Why us?


Based on the latest research and evidence-based nutrition

Close monitoring and constant fine-tuning
of meal plan.


An accreditated practicing dietition with no endorsement of commercial products.


Use of empowerment approach in all our services.


Our Values


Putting people first at all times


Thinking out of the box in problem solving


Being real and open in communication


Being relaxed and finding joy in our work


Imparting skills and trusting each individual