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Creative Nutrition Game Box

3 Nutrition Topics with
3 Games Concept

Healthy Bones

Using the well-known Snakes and Ladders game concept, learn the ways in preventing osteoporosis. Includes a summary poster.


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Healthy Lifestyle


Players are required to collect most sets (4 of a kind) by the end of the game. Many healthy eating tips are included with different food categories.

Players are required to collect most sets (4 of a kind) by the end of the game. Many healthy eating tips are included with different food categories.


Gout Busters

Discard pair-up cards and avoid holding on to the "Gout" cards. Learn what to avoid and what food is safe to consume for someone with gout 

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Creative Nutrition Game Box

The box includes 3 games:

1. Snakes and Ladders Board Game

2. Go Shop Card Game

3. Pair-Up Card Game

Snakes and Ladders Game

Players: 2-6
Dice: 1 piece
Game piece: 2-6 (depends on the number of players)

Suitable for all ages

Nutrition topic: Healthy Bones- Say No to Osteoporosis

Box include:  Game board and Instructions x 1, Osteoporosis poster x 1

Game Instructions

Set up- 

Each player will take turns to roll the dice. The player who throws the highest number will have the first turn.

每个玩家将轮流掷骰子. 掷出最高数字的玩家将是第一开始游戏的玩家.


The players will move their pieces from left to right, starting at 1 following the numbers on the board, then the next row from right to left and repeat.

玩家将从左到右移动他们的棋子,从 1 按照棋盘上的数字开始,然后从右到左下一行并重复。


Represent the wrongdoings in keeping bones healthy (in red fonts). When a player lands on top of a snake, their playing piece will slide down to the tail of the snake.



Represent the correct practices preventing osteoporosis (in black fonts). When a player lands at the base of a ladder, it immediately climbs to the top of the ladder.


Winning the game-

The first player that reaches the final space on the board (35), wins the game. 第一个到达棋盘上最后一个格子的玩家 (35),赢得游戏。

To win the player will need to roll the exact number to get to the final space. If the roll is too high, the player's piece will bounce off the last space and move back.


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Go Shop Card Game

Players: 2-5

Suitable for all ages

Nutrition topic: Healthy lifestyle

Box include:  Instruction cards x 2, Game cards x 52

Game objective: To have the most sets, or 4 of a kind, by the end of the game. Players with the most sets win the game.
​目标:在游戏结束后拥有最多完整组合 (同组中的 4 种) 的玩家赢得比赛

Game instructions: 

1. Choose a player to be the dealer. The dealer needs to shuffle and distribute the cards.

If 2-3 people are playing, each player receives 7 cards.

If 4-5 people are playing, each receives 5 cards. The remainder of the card deck is placed face down on the table to form the "Supermarket".


如果有 2-3 人在玩,每个玩家会收到 7 张牌.

如果有 4-5 人在玩,每人会收到 5 张牌. 把剩余的卡片面朝下,放在桌子上以形成“超市”.


2. The game begins when the player to the left of the dealer “shops” by asking another player if they have a certain card in their hand (e.g. “Do you have any Vegetable card?”). If the player does have the type of card asked for, they must give the requestor all of that type they have.
2.游戏开始时,由庄家左边的玩家开始“购物”. 玩家必须询问另一名玩家他们手上是否有某张牌(例如“你有蔬菜卡吗?”)。如果玩家确实有要求的卡牌类型,他们必须向请求者提供他们拥有的所有类型的卡片.


3. If a player does not have the type asked for, they say “go shop” and the requestor picks up the top card from the "Supermarket". The gameplay then moves to the left and the next person shop for cards.


4. A player makes a set when they have 4 of a kind (same category). When a set is made, the player places the 4 cards face up in a pile in front of them to verify to the other players that they made a set. The player is required to read out the contents in all cards. The game ends when all 13 sets are made.
4.当玩家有 4 种(相同组别)时,那将组成一套. 当成功组和一套时,玩家必须将 4 张牌面朝上放在他们面前,以向其他玩家展示成功组合的卡牌,并念出卡牌上的讯息. 当所有 13 盘都完成时,游戏结束.


5. The player with the most sets wins. If a player runs out of cards during the game, they may select one from the Supermarket when it is their turn. If there are no more cards in the Supermarket, they are out of the game and the number of sets they have is final.

5.获得最多套组合的玩家获胜. 如果玩家在游戏中用完卡牌,轮到他们时,他们可以从“超市”中选择一张卡牌. 如果"超市"里没有足够的卡牌,他们将出局,以他们当下拥有的套数为最终的盘点.


Pair-Up Card Game

Players: 2-4

Suitable for all ages

Nutrition topic: Gout Busters- What to eat and avoid

Box include:  Instruction cards x 2, Game cards x 32

Game objective: The goal is to form and discard pairs of cards, and not to be left with the odd card (Gout) at the end. 

目标: 凑合成双成对的卡牌,并把卡片展示. 避免拿取 “痛风” 的卡牌

Game Instructions:

1. Shuffle and distribute all the cards evenly to all the players. Players do not need to have an equal number of cards.

1. 先洗牌并分发给所有玩家。玩家不需要有相同数量的卡

2. Each player removes all pairs from his hand and display them at the front. DO NOT remove any "Gout" cards.
2. 每个玩家先从手上取出所有成双成对的卡牌并将它们展示在前并分享卡牌上的讯息。请勿把任何“痛风”的卡牌取出直到最后

3.Player #1 then offers his pile of cards, spread out face down, to player #2 on the left, who draws one card from it. Player #2 discards any pair that may have been formed by the drawn card.

3. 一号玩家必须将他全部的卡牌面朝下摊开,让左边的玩家#2从中抽取一张牌。如抽到有同样的卡牌,玩家#2 必须拿出成对的牌组,并念出卡牌上的讯息

4. Player #2 then offers their own pile of cards to player #3 on their left. These steps are repeated with player #4 and #1. 

4. 玩家#2 将自己的一堆卡片提供给他们左边的玩家#3。对玩家 #4 和 #1 重复此步骤

5. Play proceeds in this way until all cards have been paired except the "Gout" cards. The player who has the paired "Gout" card loses the game.

5. 每位玩家轮流抽左边玩家的卡牌,直到除了“痛风”卡牌之外的所有卡都成功配对完毕。拥有一对“痛风”卡牌的玩家输了此游戏

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