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Acknowledging the difficulties in preparing food with different textures and the outlook of the texture-modified food are unappealing, JoyFood is birthed to provide a solution to caregivers or clients who require to prepare texture-modified food. Due to various medical conditions, an individual may no longer be able to consume the food they are familiar with or food they enjoyed previously. 

Our first JoyFood product- Ang Ku Kueh, comes in 3 different flavors with high protein content. These local snacks were freshly prepared using the cook-freeze method to retain nutrients and provide convenience. They are created and developed according to the international guidelines of IDDSI level 4 (pureed diet). 


JoyFood is not only suitable for individuals with chewing and/or swallowing difficulties, but also for health-conscious individuals. They are made with all-natural ingredients and high protein ingredients. Find out more about the benefits below!

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Mung Bean

Ang Ku Kueh


Black Sesame

Ang Ku Kueh



Ang Ku Kueh

Make Every Mouthful Count
with JoyFood

What makes Joyfood special?

JoyFood is the first product of its kind that is made in Malaysia and developed by a dietitian. 

They are nutritious with high protein content and safe for consumption, especially for those who require a modify-textured diet.

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Who can benefit from JoyFood?

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Who can benefit from JoyFood?

How to prepare?

To prepare:

1. Take JoyFood product(s) out from the frozen packaging.

2. Do not need to defrost.

3. When the steamer is ready, steam for 8 minutes over medium heat. Do not over-steam.

4. Consume within 15 minutes for the right texture. Enjoy!

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Beyond Food is a food and nutrition consulting company that specializes in eldercare nutrition, community health and texture - modified food product development

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Find Us

011-2434-1408 (Malaysia)
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3-2 Jalan USJ10/1E,

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