Our Concept

Nutrition should be fun and relatable

Nutrition is relatable to everyone in their daily living, but some may find it difficult to follow according to the recommended guidelines and others may not know the baseline requirements. 


We have developed nutrition education materials in the form of a game box as well as conducted research and development on reshaping pureed food for individuals with chewing and swallowing difficulties, based on the international guidelines.

At Beyond Food, we aim to think out of the box in delivering nutrition knowledge without compromising the evidence-based facts. 


Food Products and Nutrition Education Materials

Designing Food Creatively

A concept of reshaping food (Pureed and mould)

Food for the elderly or individuals with chewing or swallowing difficulties has always been synonymous with being soft, bland and unappetising. We believe that everyone should find joy in their food while maintaining adequate nutrition, taste and aesthetics. 

Reshaping of food products have proven to increase food intake as well as improve the nutritional status of individuals who require texture-modified diets, specifically pureed diet (IDDSI level 4)


Having small frequent meals with nutritious snacks can help individuals with swallowing difficulties to optimise their nutritional status. We have developed easy-to-prepare, nutritious and familiar snacks that are suitable for individuals who require a texture-modified diet.

Creative Nutrition Game Box Design.png

Delivering Nutrition Knowledge Interactively

Using the game concept to learn nutrition knowledge

The Creative Nutrition Game Box is developed and designed by our dietitian.

It includes 3 sets of educational games that allow adults to understand the ways to prevent and manage Osteoporosis, Gout and overall
Healthy Eating guides.

These games not only serve as social time engagement but also encourage conversation among the players. Besides that, it functions to raise awareness and provide reminders to players on the appropriate diet habits.

The games are suitable for all ages. This can further add value to various facilities operators such as nursing homes, eldercare centres, dementia daycare centres, health promotion boards and all other care facilities. 

All games are in bilingual.