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Know the Calories

Before we try to solve a problem, we got to find out the root cause first. Similarly, in weight management, before we tackle the numbers on the weighing scale, we need to understand how many calories each food group can contribute and how much should we consume. Weight loss can be achieved when the calories in (food intake) are less than the calories out (physical activities).

Many people like to avoid having carbohydrates when they are trying to lose weight. When comparing gram for gram, carbohydrate and protein have the same calories (as shown in the first picture). Choose wholemeal or wholegrain options for carbohydrates. The additional fibre content can make you feel full for longer and help in your bowel movement.

Consume all food in moderation and make sure you consume a variety of food within the same macronutrient group to get different vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Stay tune for the recommended portion size of each food group in the next article.

If you are interested to receive personal diet consultation, kindly contact us. We look forward to support you in making changes in your lifestyle. Hear from you soon!


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