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Creative Nutrition in Eldercare

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

How would you rate the importance of nutrition in eldercare?

Given the fact that most aged care facilities provide at least 3 meals (up to 6 meals- 3 main meals and 3 snacks in between meals) a day in their care facilities, more thoughts and effort should be put into making food and dining a positive and memorable experience for the older adults.

Nutrition in eldercare is never about serving low fat, low sugar, low salt, and bland food. When it comes to food for older people and those with dementia, we focus on maintaining dignity with consideration of their medical conditions. It is important to craft a thoughtful meal plan with the food they are familiar with, enjoy eating and at the same time, meeting their physical and nutritional needs.

At Beyond Food, we hope to give voice to the dignity of older adults, people with dementia and those with eating disabilities by offering innovative, nutritious, creativity in food serving. We aim to let the "flavours and appearance do the talking". With all these in mind, there will be no compromise on the taste as well as the safety in our planning.

If your company's values resonate well with ours, we hope to be part of your nutrition care system whereby we assist your care facilities in the following aspects (not limited to the listed services below):

1. Consultancy services (Redefine food culture):

1.1. Consultancy services (Professional training):

2. Creative nutrition products- Nutrition Toolkit (Printing in progress)

These nutrition-related games can be introduced to elderly clients in daycare centres and nursing homes during their free time or social time. These games not only can educate them regarding the common nutrition-related medical conditions or promote healthy eating, but they also function to allow and encourage conversations among the seniors.

2.1 Creative nutrition products- Blended Moulded Food (R&D stage) For people who need to be on a modified texture diet due to dementia or other medical conditions and disabilities, oftentimes, this has led to reduced enjoyment of food. At Beyond Food, we aim to develop blended moulded food with looks that are closed to normal food without compromising the taste. Not only that, we understand that malnutrition is prevalent among this group of individuals, hence these snacks that we are developing will also be high in protein. Let us know if you are interested to know the progress of this development! There will be more food products developed in the coming months.

To find out more details, feel free to contact us at or call us at +6586910203 (Singapore) or +601124341408 (Malaysia). We would love to arrange a virtual meet up with you. Hope to hear from you soon :)

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