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Learning Nutrition the Fun Way

Inter-generational Interaction and conversations among the seniors- How can #nutrition help?

In most of the eldercare centers, there will be a social time for the seniors to play mahjong, read the newspaper, draw, chit-chat, do simple cooking, etc. Not everyone has the same interest, but the seniors are mingling to spend time together.

#foodandnutrition is so relatable to everyone, it can definitely encourage conversation among the people, because, EVERYONE EATS, right?

Beyond Food has developed a #limitededition nutrition Game Box that aims to promote inter-generational interactions as well as encourage conversation among seniors. We wish to encourage young kids could spend time with their grandparents and play games together, as well as to encourage seniors who are often quiet to start talking about the food they have memories with, with the help of the food cards in the game.

The Nutrition Game box comes with 3 Nutrition topics with 3 different-but-familiar game concepts. It includes topics such as Osteoporosis prevention, Gout management, and Healthy Eating Guides.

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