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Sweetened Up Your Day

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It's false! Did you guess it right? Brown sugar does not have better nutritional values as compared to white sugar. Commonly, we add sugar to our diet to sweetened our food or drinks. Do certain types of sugar consider healthier as compared to the others? Let's find out.

Limiting high sugary food (such as sweets, cakes, chocolates, pastries and ice cream) and beverages (such as soft drinks, sweetened drinks and energy drinks) in your diet is a key to healthy eating. Hence It is not necessary to buy expensive sugar, thinking that it is good for health.

Besides providing us with empty calories, some sugar does have some health benefits. For example, manuka honey has an anti-inflammation action that could promote wound healing and relieve inflammation. However, it is advised to consume in moderation or only when needed. Reduce all sugar intake as much as you can. Follow us on our Facebook page or Instagram for more nutrition tips!





At Beyond-food, we provide support to individuals who are interested to find out alternative food to achieve a better health status. The session with a certified dietitian will include an assessment as well as a customised meal plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Besides meeting the need of an individual, we also provide consultancy services to organisations that wish to improve staff wellness or care facilities that aim to cater to holistic food culture for their clients (such as nursing homes, hospitals or other healthcare providers).


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